15 June 2009

What do I like about blogging?

Well, that's a little question with a big answer.

I suppose it's mainly that I like talking. Yes, that's it!!! I like talking but nobody around me likes listening to me!!!!

So on my blog I can talk all I like and never worry if anybody's listening!!!!

Another 'reason' for blogging is to keep me on track in my little corner of tat land. Before the blog I just used to make things and that was it - they'd be given away or go into my 'box of bits'.

Now I scan/photograph everything I make and then I can share - well, mostly share but sometimes I have 'secret tats' going on too.

Probably this is why I'm 'filling up space' talking about talking. I'm actually working on 'secret tats'!!!! Honest!!!!

This evening I hope to return to 'auto tats'!!! Things I've made before but am making again for gifts. I love the excitement of choosing new thread and bead combos out of my stash!!!


Fox said...

Oh - what a good idea to ask about, Jane. The question really made me think.

I love to blog because I had no one to talk to about tatting. If it had not been for the wonderful women I met at eTatters, I would not have continued tatting.

Sharing my work, getting positive feedback and constructive, caring criticism on my progress has been invaluable.

I am able to track and watch see my progress.

The online friendships are wonderful.

I like to talk, too (big surprise!) so, I will continue this a s a blog-cast!

Thanks for the inspiration! Fox : )

Jane Eborall said...

Hey, fox, I keep sending you emails but they bounce!!! Wanted to have a natter but can't!!!!

Maureen said...

I'm glad you love blogging, Jane, because I love reading about your adventures and your patterns!

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