18 June 2009


Now I've got a copy of this DVD and it's megga good. If anybody in tat land needs a good instructional which you can play over and over again at your own speed then this is the one for you.

If you're a needle tatter and really want to learn traditional shuttle tatting then this is the one for you.

Produced by the Ring of Tatters originally to accompany their kits it's now available from them. I've put a link on my web site too so you can't miss it!!!

The person to ask for more information is Lynne and her email address is

Do I sound like one of those adverts off the telly? Sorry, but I seriously think this would be a good buy!!!

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needlewings said...

I have a friend that wants to learn how to shuttle tat. She already needle tats. I tried the address listed, but it seems to think that it isn't a good address, can you advise? or have Lynn email me? Thanks, Wanda

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Happy Beaks
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