10 September 2010

Boy, oh boy

I had this fantastic card from the people who went to Palmetto tat days.  
I really appreciate this as I was very down during tat days knowing all the fun I was missing.  Also every time I go there I make new friends and learn new 'tricks'.  

Here's the front of the card for you to see followed by the rest.  Seems my presence really was required there if only to find and eat the ice cream!!!!

Thank you all who signed this - means a lot to both myself and brain cell # 3 who didn't have a very good day yesterday.  I think he lost one of his marbles for a while!!!


Maureen said...

That is a lovely card - nice to be missed, and there's always next year!

Typstatting said...

One lovely card Jane good to be missed!

Unknown said...

That is sweet! :D
~TattingChic ♥

Ridgewoman said...

Well if ANYONE could be missed and would be missed ~ it would be our Jane! So glad you received this card with all the great felicitations. Perhaps next year we will both make it ~ and if I don't, I hope you DO!


Sally Kerson said...

How lovely to receive such a card, you will have to go next year you can't misst Palmetto Tat Days again!

IsDihara said...

Wow, such a wonderful card. You were sorely missed at Tat Days!

Tatman said...

How nice of the PTD tatters to do that for you! Nice surprise for an expected invitation for next year. ;)

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