13 September 2010


That's what kept happening on Friday when I was sewing.  

My machine went bonkers!!  Then I noticed that the display was saying FC.  I  then had to scrummage around to find the manual!!  The translation turned out to mean 'foot control'.  Sometimes the machine would stop and other times it would go racing on without me.  Once or twice it would suddenly start up on it's own - the cheek of the thing!!!

Nick took the foot control to pieces and then it worked fine for a while.  It still does strange things from time to time so another lobotomy may have to take place soon.  Oh, perhaps that should be a 'foototomy'!!

Wouldn't this just happen when I've got orders to complete AND a load of bags cut out ready to sew!!!


Wendy said...

I bought a new Singer a couple of years ago but hadn't used it much. I got it out again to stitch some church linen and the tension was all wrong. I took it back to where I bought it and after 2 months got it back, still not working properly. I took it to another place and in 2 days they said it was so poorly manufactured that they couldn't repair it up to their standards !! I had to buy a new foreign one in the end. Works like a dream.

Maureen said...

Things that plug in are frustrating - I don't get on with machines!
However my own sewing machine is over 40 years old, and just keeps on chugging along when required - an old Swiss-made Elna. I don't enjoy sewing, but did a lot of it when my children were small in the seventies - hung onto the machine, and it is now pressed into service at Ballet concert time!

TAT19540 said...

I hate when that happens! 'Murphy's Law' if you need it to work it doesn't! I feel your pain.

Isdihara said...

Hope your sewing machine settles down for you without too much more trouble. All those lovely bags and satchels are waiting, eh?

Miranda said...

Nice thing about tatting, no machines! There's no rush on my order, BTW. Hope you get the thing whipped into shape soon!

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