17 September 2010

Not really about tatting!!!

I was mooching around town this morning and just coming out of the library when a young lady with a puschair was entering.  I stood and held the door open for  her and she said 'thank you'.   Brain cell number 3 went into overdrive!!!!

Before my first visit to America when this sort of situation occurred I would've said 'it's a pleasure'.   Several trips to the US of A and I now automatically say 'you're welcome'.

Now, why have I started this ramble?  Well I think it's because of our language differences and how I used to think I was a 'missionary' when I went over the pond and I would 'teach those Americans English'!!!! 

So, several years later and look what's happened - I'm speaking and using 'American'!! 

This morning I  talked about the thread going round the 'pinky' when discussing drawings I'm doing,  I say 'you're welcome' when holding a door open, I use expressions in my patterns like 'shoe lace trick' (NOBODY uses that expression in ENGLAND) and I am EVEN beginning to SPELL in American English (well, we all HAVE to admit it makes more sense and is easier to spell that way)!!!!!

So am I now becoming American?  It's a strange idea!!!

Ah, before I finish I MUST apologise to Ari who left a comment on  my blog yesterday.  This is what she said

"I´ve learn so much with your lessons and patterns.
The link to Mark Meyers´s split chain instructions is broken.
Peace, Ari"

Ari left this comment on this post. 

Unfortunately I hit the 'delete' button instead of the 'publish' one.  The day can only improve!!!!


mickchick831 said...

Another Yankee in the making!

Shuchita said...

Nooooo, please never ever skip the 'u' when writing 'colour' and 'flavour', please !!! (And 'z' cannot replace 's')

***Jon**** said...

I am Malaysian and I am used to the Brits English spelling because that was how I learnt (learned) my English. You can imagine the number of red wiggles that appear under each word which is spelt (spelled) 'un-American'. I'll never get used to the 'z' for 's' or 'o' in place of 'ou'. I am not going to change, no, never! Nobody can make me change, LOL!

am I still me? said...

American here, (and proud of it) and I do think some things are better/easier on this side of the pond. (Don't know how long that will continue, but I digress...) I may be "old fashioned" or "old school," but I think your way of spelling some things is just more colourful! And my personal opinion, for what it may be worth, is that "It's my pleasure" sounds oh so much more polite or genteel than "You're welcome." I think I shall start saying that more often. Thanks!

sewmuchfun4 said...

With the internet, the world is becoming one great big melting pot. You brought to mind the refrain to an Elvis Costello song:

"Now it seems we've been crying for years and for years
Now we don't speak any English, just American without tears
Just American without tears."

The day you stop calling fellow tatters "lass" you have gone TOO American!

:) Ann

TAT19540 said...

We love you no matter how you spell or speak! I became 'Aussieized' when I lived there many years ago and some times have a hard time thinking the American way for it.lol. My hubbie was living in Germany for 2 years and there are still times when he can only think of the German word for things!So how ever you want to say it or spell it is alright with me!(Spelling not my strong suite). England has always impressed me as the Land of Good Manners and talented people. After all English speaking countries came out of UK at on time.

Anonymous said...

I am a native American. What z!???? for s.

Ridgewoman said...

LOL and I've picked up your UK expressions…so it all evens out you old moo (see?) I now get "chuffed" and know what "brickies" are! I've become an Anglophile…of course I love Stratford and that is one place I'd love to visit (especially your stoop). Like US, the UK has regional-speak. There are Southerners (not all but some) that I can't understand at all until I think it through. I remember my dear MIL saying, "Will you carry me to the store?" and I thought that was very odd (I was 19, so must be forgiven for my ignorance). And instead of 'Whether or not" it was "other or not" and I said, "Irrigate." He said, "air a gate" and when challenged (I was 19) he looked me square in the eye and said, "Put water on it!" and that settled that! LOL Gotta love 'em.
So, you pick up Americanisms and I'll pick up Stratford-isms and we'll meet in the middle.
just a settler 'cross the pond…xxxx P

Tatman said...

The comment about my SC instructions being broken brought my attention. It isn't broken if you go here: http://www.tat-man.net/tatterville/howtotat/SC_MarieStyle.html

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