31 May 2011

Making earwigs

So after the dismal failure of the bracelet (see the photo at the bottom for my reasons!) I decided to play again.   

Over the years I've made hundreds (and I DOOO mean hundreds) of pairs of earrings for myself and a few for selling too.  I'm going to share some of the things I've learnt about these.

First of all DON'T make them too 'lacy'.  Too lacy tends to bend and go out of shape.  Well, mine do in spite of being stiffened.  Where am I going wrong if other people's don't?

Secondly - load the earrings with beads for better 'hangability' and less (bendability!).  A bit of weight really does help.

Thirdly - be aware of how the earrings hang in relation do the head.  Either like this - facing front.
Or like this - facing sideways.
Having decided that then the method that you use to attach the findings will need to be resolved so they hang whichever way you prefer!!!

OK, lecture over for the day!!!!!!  Do you want more tomorrow?


Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Jane,

At last I have found a way of leaving you a comment, the crosses were beautiful and I am sure your earrings will be lovely too.

Sally Kerson said...

What I want to know is have your ears grown that big since I last saw you?!
If so I'm in for a shoc next week! But seriously good points made there and you can never have enough beads in earrings.

Eliz (tatknot) said...

Of course we want more lecture. Keep it coming. I'm soaking it all up.

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Happy Beaks
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