4 September 2010

The last of this 'session'

These may be the last of this session of bag making!!!!  They've been steadily selling out of the shop which is very pleasing as it keeps me occupied and away from the dreaded 'H' word.  What word is that?  Corse, you all know it stands for housework!!!!

I made another of the autumnal leaves set and the shuttle set too as they sold very quickly.  Yesterday I also added these two.  A very pretty floral print and some magnificent butterflies.

Who was that who asked 'where are they, then'?  Here they are!!!

The sewing machine is still out and I may have the 'urge' to sew again if H gets too boring!!  I sew in the summer in the conservatory but in the winter it can get too cold out there!!!


God's Kid said...

Both are very beautiful, but the butterflies captured my attention right away! :)

Margarets designer cards said...

Another batch of great bags, they look brillant well done Margaret

Ridgewoman said...

Well, roly polys are an added addiction (as you know) but it is so neat; I can look at the outside pattern and KNOW what is inside. Humm, the barnyard holds a rosary in the making, the blue paisley is the Sheep. and the black with little hearts holds EZ Bobs full of HDT (another addiction) thread! and so forth. These are just so handy; and, Bekah LOVES her puppy paws set…now for a time to come when we sit down and begin tatting together! So far we have had tatting interruptus….all good reasons….but interruptions non the less. xxx P

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