4 October 2014

A quiz

Before I start the quiz I'd like to draw your attention to a new associate member of the exclusive tatting club who joined yesterday. A warm welcome to JB who has sent in her bauble.  Next mission is a mouse, isn't it JB?

Right - now for the quiz.  Please no cheating or you'll have to go and stand in the 'naughty corner'. 

The quiz is simple, really - there's only one answer and the question is 'who did I spend a lovely afternoon with yesterday'?

First clue is here.
OK, have you guessed yet?  Think - pretty hand spun and hand dyed wool.  No?  Right - second clue coming up.
Not yet?  You lot aren't very good, are you?  Think - Tunisian crochet, persistence and loads of patience.  No?  Third clue then.

Shall I tell you or shall I wait to see if anybody knows?  

Oh, OK I'll tell you.  It's Jane McLellan who I met up with.  Her blog is here.

If you ever get an offer to spend time with Jane (and her lovely friends) then please take up the chance.  I spent about three hours in her/their company and they fled past far too quickly.  We did, of course, talk about tatting quite a lot!  Well, that's what you do, don't you?


  1. Lucky You!!! If I'd've known.... I'd've come down and joined in!!! LOL
    All the best for Tomorrow Miss....

  2. Just dawned on me.... I'm in the Naughty Corner!!! (I scrolled down quickly to find out!!!!) Now who's in there with me?? We'll have a tatting party!! Rofl

  3. I was lying in bed last night, and suddenly I remembered reading on Jane's blog that she was going to visit family in the UK! - How wonderful to meet her, and it's almost as wonderful to see the Tunisian bag in action!

  4. I really did guess 'Jane M' when I saw the scarf - and immediately recognized the Tunisian crochet bag, but apparently I didn't pick up on the 'visiting family in the UK' so I didn't think she was in England these days! How wonderful for you to be together! Sally recently showed Jane's bookmark on her blog (the one you have in your 'guest designer' section), and her beautiful and unique African Sky doily has caused quite a sensation in Tatland, as it showcases modern techniques in ingenious ways! How fantastic to visit for a few hours!

  5. How wonderful! Ü I had no clue, so I too hurriedly scrolled down to see and should now proceed to "The Naughty Corner"...... Let me grab my shuttles first....

  6. Oh, Marla, Pigmini's been in the naughty corner ALL day waiting for you.

  7. But you told me, so I did not have to guess!! How great the two Jane's meeting and yes Kathy she has caused a sensation with her designs.

  8. Jane M must have been surprised to find the weather so warm in the UK, after all the woollen goodies that she made! Hope she will be able to wear them.
    Give her my greetings!

  9. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Whoopee! I guessed on the first clue. :-) I knew for sure I'd guessed correctly when I saw the crochet bag. A few hours later I remembered seeing on Jane M's blog that she was going to the UK for a while. ;-) I'm glad you had a lovely time talking about tatting.

  10. The Janes in one place! Oh to be a fly on the wall!

  11. oh, how amazingly wonderful and awesome to have the 2 Tatting Janes together in one place.
    Oh I wish I could have been there to listen and soak up some knowledge. I am so glad you had a chance to meet
    The scarf had me wracking my brains as I recognized it, but the very pretty bag gave me the answer.

  12. So Maria.... wine?? Red or White?? Cake?? Yes we can do a little tatting while we're in the Naughty Corner.... LOL But don't forget.... we're having a Tatty Party!! Just the two of us.... and enough for everyone!!! Rofl

    1. I think the Pigmini's corner might be fun. cake and wine. sounds like a plan to me. We can celebrate Jane's birthday


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