3 October 2014


I apologise that again I am showing another small motif. Well, Crazy Mom did want 8!!!! I like this design element as the daisy centre is so often seen on earring patterns or even bracelets.

This pattern is what I'd call a 'generic' one. Something that has probably been done time and time again and the copyright probably belongs to somebody 'out there' in Tat Land. If it does then perhaps somebody could point the old nose (the one in the middle of my face) to it.  The one novel (perhaps!) thing I've done is to use lock chains on the outer part.  Now because of this and IF this belongs to somebody then that makes it still theirs.  Do you follow?  Just because I've changed this design a little bit doesn't make it mine.  Well it doesn't really matter as I'm not publishing it but I'd still be interested in the owner (or another tatter) contacting me with their information.

Another bit of news which is causing me great excitement is a meeting I'm going to tomorrow. You'll NEVER believe this but another of Tat Land's residents is coming to town. OK, I'll not tell you who - but can you guess?  

Answers on a postage stamp, please to my usual address.  Now, what IS that you may ask?  Here it is in full.  Jane Eborall, The Mad House, Tatters Lane, Tatlington, Tat Land.  Or my email address will do!!!


Maureen said...

Now you will have us all of a twitter, wondering who the visitor will be! - isn't that the most delicious expression, I have been reading Victorian novels, and was dying for the opportunity to use this one.

Pigmini said...

Oooh... I hope somebody recognises it!!!! AND I LOVES the address!! Wonder what the postie will have to say.... Rofl

Pigmini said...

I know it ain't me.... Sallie with shuttles????

God's Kid said...

Looks great !! :)

Tally Tatty said...

Interestingly, while reading tatting blogs, I also learn English.
A "generic pattern" means a pattern that I can tat.

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Happy Beaks
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