30 July 2012

Another bracelet

Remember this bracelet?  Well it still exists but it will get an attack of the scissors - when I find it again!  I know I'm hopeless so there's no reason to agree with me!!!
This is what I made instead!  I did it the same way (almost) but I think it looks a lot better.

Must tell you about the colours.  The pink is - well, just bright pink (a Flora, I think) but the other colour, which I can only describe as khaki, is wonderful.  One of my all time favourites.

I've got very little of it left now as I've always had a 'thing' about this thread.  It's a Manuela thread which has now so sadly gone out of production.  It works really well with a bright colour.  What do you think - does it 'do it for you'?


Jane McLellan said...

Oh yes! That's so pretty. I love the colours.

Margarets designer cards said...

It does it for me, two lovely colours put together

Maureen said...

pink and green in any combination is my favourite - I'm always looking out for new shades of both.

God's Kid said...

Nice bracelet!! :)

N. Maria said...

I can see why you love that color! Love the design for the bracelet, too!

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Happy Beaks
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