24 June 2022

Playing with the

Celtic Ferris Wheel motif.  Why?  Well I just LOVE colours.  
It’s many, many years since I saw Rosemarie Peel’s wonderful little book in which there is Celtic tatting.  This was where she used two separate pieces of tatting then interwove them and then kept them in place with another round.  I found this in her book ‘Tatting for Pleasure’ and I must say it’s always a pleasure to tat her designs.  

Her Celtic pattern in that book inspired me eventually to make the Celtic Ferris Wheel design which is on my free pattern site which is here.  Just wander down to ‘motifs’ and you’ll find it.

Part of the reason for making this again is to try and extend it to a larger design.  Wonder if that will work?!?!?


Mike Lyon said...

By slightly enlarging the centermost split rings on the outer perimeter, the motif could be made hexagonal and well-suited for tiling to create large mats, doilies, etc. Nice pattern, Jane!

Crazy Mom! said...

This is cute.

Inquiring minds want to know - are you onto a Celtic version of the Fandango mat?

Jane Eborall said...

Hmmm, I was thinking of keeping the original shape, Mike but doing perhaps another separate round which is entwined with the second one. It’s still at the planning stage and also I’ve had another distraction so maybe nothing else will happen!!! It’s an old pattern which I like as I like playing with the colours!!

Jane Eborall said...

Hmmm, that’s an idea, Crazy Mom! - I may well head that way sometime in the future!!!!

Jane McLellan said...

I have every confidence in BC 3.

God's Kid said...

Looks great!! :)

Unknown said...

I love seeing your color combinations. I just finished the fandango butterfly doily from your blog because I wanted to try different color combinations. It was a fun but challenging piece.-- Julie

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, I’d forgotten that doily, Julie!!!! Thanks for the reminder. There’s nothing like playing with colours.

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