10 January 2012

We're off!!

Day 1 of Tat It And See for 2012 is now posted.  You can find it from this link here and I will put links at the top of the TIAS blog too.  

This is such fun for me too!!


Miranda said...

And... done! I can't prove it, though, because I'm at work (yeah, that's how I spend my time on the clock) and won't be able to take a pic till I get home. Expect it in your inbox in about six hours. :)

Marla said...

I saw this on your InTatters post...Is it to late to join.... and how do I go about it....

Jane Eborall said...

NEVER too late to join, Maria. Just go to the 'introduction' link and then 'day 1' on the TIAS blog. Here's the link. http://tatitandsee.blogspot.com/
I don't post a stage of the game every day - I give time for people who work or live in different time zones to keep up. Hope to see what you've done as you go along - not 'compulsory' but it is great fun. If you read what others have posted you'll see what's happening!!!

Margarets designer cards said...

Thanks Jane for doing this again, I am off to start mine.

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Happy Beaks
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