14 March 2019

Two more done

I’m really enjoying making these little pouches. They’re not ‘easy’ as such but once you get into the swing of them they’re fun to make.

Choosing which fabrics 'go' together is part of the fun/problem and each one I make becomes my favourite and the one I'm going to keep!!! Now how many pouches does a gal need? Well, one for tatting, one for sewing, one for 'things I keep in my handbag', one for the things I need to take with me on trips and many other ideas may spring to mind. Does anybody have any other ideas?


Jane McLellan said...

Make up bag perhaps? They're so pretty, and there are infinite ways to put them to use!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I can see why each one becomes your favorite! You know I'm drawn to the blue/green one. How many do you need? I'm not sure, but I know I've kept my share of favorite bags over the years... way more than I can use at one time.

Jane Eborall said...

Ah, Jane, didn’t think of that! I’ve never worn make up so not in my sphere of knowledge!!!
Diane - I’m aiming to make 20 although I think I’ve got to make a few more than that as my friends keep buying them off me as soon as they’re made!!! I’m also going to make a couple more ideas too. All this in the hope that I get a ‘job’ teaching at Palmetto in September!!!

Ninetta said...

Pouches are never enough! That is lovely.

linb54 said...

One for me!!! ;) lol...I' d buy one!!!

Pigmini said...

One for your favourite Tatty OG up in Yorkshire... the pink one please!! ROFL

I could keep my new phone in it... whilst I'm looking for a blogger app to work with it!! and then my tatting, and cards and spare shuttles, thread.... (walks away muttering about bags and tatting and finding out why she can't get blogger to work!!)

God's Kid said...

Wonderful pouches!!! :)
Sounds like you don't need anymore ideas. ;)

craftie sylvie said...

One for credit cards, one for business cards, definitely one for knitting or crochet notions (almost same as tatting? ... so??), one with no definite purpose but at the ready in case a definite purpose arises, seven with embroidery of the day of the week for pills/tablets or/and list of things to do that day, and one big big one to hold all the previous ones... love your fabrics BTW :-D

Jane Eborall said...

That comment made me laugh, crafty sylvie!!!! You've hit the nail on the head. A gal can never have enough bags. My problem is I make them and then find it difficult to part with them. Thanks for the suggestions!!!

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