27 December 2013

Final box started

Before I start I'd like to show you number 126 of the 2013 Tat It And See from Anne-Mare.  I'll shortly be announcing the start date of the TIAS 2014.  Are there anymore prams still to come?  Not that it matters particularly!!!

Roughly flung onto the scanner are the first two 'parts' of the final box!!!  Again I've gone back to using the beads that came off the original one so they're really re-purposed.  

When I pop my clogs I'm hoping I'll be thrown into the recycling box which the council collect every fortnight!  Problem is - I'll have to 'smallerise' myself first to be able to fit into the bin!!!


Maureen said...

I thought the pink and blue one was my favourite, but now I have seen this! - and I'm dying to know what they're for.

Anonymous said...

The beads and thread look wonderful together. Can't wait to see the finished box!

Michelle said...

Gorgeous color, what is it?

Jane Eborall said...

I think it's Sea Island Citrus by Lizbeth - number 161.

Michelle said...

Fantastic! It's on my list now!

Batty Tatter said...

I think when you "pop your clogs" we'll stuff you and set you on display with a tatting shuttle in your one hand and an unfinished tat in the other. Then we'll put up a sign "The last of the very talented tatters." I believe there's a spot for your in the museum of natural wonders.

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