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20 November 2020

Rock and Roll

No, no, NO!!!  I mean Slope and Roll.  Sheesh - send for BC3 FAST!!!
Seriously now.  Today I'm putting a new page on my pattern pages to show the slope and roll join.

This join was originally shown by Deb Arnold but I can't find a link to her very clear diagram and page about it.   In fact I can't even find her shop anymore which is a shame.  The link from a google search took me to a blank page.

This join is particularly useful if you want/need the core shuttle thread to keep 'on the move' in the join and can replace the lock join to also give a smoother looking join.  

It's a great technique for an onion ring too.  Which reminds me on to tell you that over the weekend I'll be working on getting the onion ring page up on the web site too.  Yes, I've covered this before but that was before I got into a great discussion about onion rings with Judith Connors.  More next week.


Maureen said...

This join was the subject of the class Judith taught last month! She made me do it three times. I think I understand it now! It’s a very tidy join when done correctly.

Jane Eborall said...

Lucky you having Judith as your teacher. She’s helped me no end too - specially with this page and another which is also based on your lesson with her!!!

Jane McLellan said...

Very clear instructions, thanks.

Debbie Arnold said...

Hi Jane, I will see about getting the srj diagrams up on my Facebook page Debbie Arnold Designs later today. I learned the technique from Judi Banashek. Probably her Impeccable Tatting book. And, yes, my website is gone. I had to liquidate the business inventory as part of the divorce. After doing 7-10 years worth of sales in a crazy 6 months, I just couldn’t face the thought of restarting and having to do that all over again at retirement age. I have moved to working on designing tatting again and Handy Hands will be publishing my first book, Charming Little Angels in early 2021!

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, so you're still 'out there' Debbie!!! I rarely go to Facebook and didn't think of looking there either. Well done on the new book. Ah, the hassles of divorce. Been there and got the t-shirt. The only positive thing that I can say is that it makes you stronger - even if you don't want to be. You absolutely CAN'T be retirement age - I REFUSE to believe you.

TeresaW said...

Jane, Deb taught this join, along with another that I can't remember, when she was teaching at PTG in either 2004 or 2005. She had a really neat collection fo vegetables that used the Slope and Roll but I honestly can't remember the name of the other join type ... just another SM!

Debbie Arnold said...

I'm in my late 50s, so retirement from the website business was planned for my mid to late 60s. Until the divorce and liquidation of the business. LOL. And yes, going through difficult times makes you stronger!

Jane Eborall said...

TeresaW - thanks for the info. Debbie seems to think it came from Judi Banashek originally. That’s why I rarely attribute techniques to anybody but in this case I thought Debbie had disappeared into space!! Now I know that she’s very much alive and well on Facebook!!! I don’t like Facebook and so I miss a lot of what’s ‘going on’.

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