23 November 2020

Onion rings

No, not the sort I prefer (the ones you eat) but the ones you can make with tatting.  
NOT my favourite thing to do but since I've been in deep discussion with Judith Connors she's shown me a really neat way to get the bottom of the onion ring to sit so, so neatly.  In fact my onion rings will now have a neater bottom than ever before!!  I'm so, so grateful for Judith bringing this to my attention and then helping me get the drawings right.  Not easy when you're at opposite ends of the planet!!!

Meantime I must tell you about my woes with the pattern site.  I upgraded the IOS on my computer and then found that the SeaMonkey app (which I've used for many, many years) wouldn't work. Oh, such deep sorrow.  

I asked Sue Duckles if her hubby could help me and he very kindly did his best but the BC3 is allergic to learning html or anything new for that matter.  I did manage to insert some text and a link using a tutorial online but it really 'strained my brain'.  

When I'd almost given up hope but the following day I opened SeaMonkey to find they'd done an update.  Downloaded and installed it and it WORKS again.


Ninetta said...

Thank you a lot, that is another of your great drawings, I learned a lot from yours lessons, more than from videos! Anyway, I understood that Judith's is an "half stitch capture", unlike the drawing, that is showing Aurora Lozada's complete double stitch before the rotation. There is also another variation by Kathleen Minniti. Many useful ways and it's wonderful to have more choices!

Jane Eborall said...

Well that's the way Judith does it as we worked together on it!!! I avoid techniques as much as possible as they hurt my brain!!! Must look up Kathleen's too.

picotsnkeys said...

Thank you once again for teaching me! I hope to make sure I pass this on to more new tatters!

Judith Connors said...

Yes, Ninetta, I do also use one second half-stitch at the start to decrease the bulk. But I wouldn't teach that to novices. However, if you look into it, what Jane and I have worked on is certainly not what Aurora Lozada advocates.

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Happy Beaks
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