15 November 2013

Final snowflake - I think!!!

Why is it that when I first designed this snowflake back in 2002 I didn't make many?  Perhaps I should never have put the pattern on my site back then as it's sort of haunted me as I knew it wasn't 'quite right'!!!
It's taken me all this time to get back to sorting it and now I've done it I've got into a rut of making them!!!!  

Maybe this will be the last - there are two others you haven't seen as they were 'trial' ones.  Anyway - here are a couple of pictures - just for eye candy. 

Now, what shall I play with next?!?!?!


  1. Well, if you're looking for ideas, I'd like some patterns for snowflakes that fit into bangles. I know it's been done. I'm just too lazy to look for the patterns right now. ;-)

    Your 3D snowflake looks terrific,

  2. I think any design for a snowflake will fit in a bangle. I've got a few on my site that fit for me. The biggest problem is that the bangles vary quite a bit in size. I've actually got the 'urge' to play with another old design of mine but add to it and introduce block tatting. I have an urger to do block tatting!!! I'm a sad old git getting these urges!!!

  3. oh Jane, you are not a "sad old git" I think it is just brain cell 3 stepping up to tell the rest of us just how to do it.


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