30 November 2013


Here's yet another gecko.  They're all lining up glaring at me as they have no purpose in life - not yet!!!  I've still no idea what I'm going to do with them!!

This one is made in Lizbeth's Arctic Waters.  Makes you feel cold just thinking of icy water, doesn't it?

When I'm over this phase I'll pop them all together on the scanner or take a photo of them.  I'm still not over the addiction yet, though so be warned - there are more to come, I think!!!


  1. Anonymous11:18 am

    This one is gorgeous :).

    Jenn :).

  2. I imagine a little boy would love a quilt covered with little geckos! ...or you could start a polo shirt company and use geckos as the logo, or has that already been done? :-)

  3. Geckos are a great break to look at while I am busy with snowflake :)

  4. Color is so pretty. Love Gecko's!

  5. Anonymous4:31 pm

    That gecko is truly addictive. Not many people can make just one. If I pick up the pattern to make *one* gecko, it's a safe bet that I'll be tatting geckos for several weeks. ;-)

  6. Dear jane, you bring back nice memories. When I lived in Zambia, we had a grey gegko in our garden with a blue head, a blueskop. Later, in the bush , I saw a similar one with a pink head. They were larege and looked very fierce. In Tanzania, I saw a small lizard with a yellow head! No matter, what colour they are, I liked to have them around, ans especially on the ceiling.

  7. I guessed it: You are doing a TIAS all on your own , and you are trying to tat 130 Geckos before the end of the year!!! Am I right?

    1. Hmmmm, You could be right!!! Just love geckos too!


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