6 July 2013

Christmas baubles

Now I did use these for a few years on the Christmas tree.  

They are from a German book which I still have.  I really liked these at the time but they've been living in a battered old suitcase for many years and will probably never see the light of day again!!!

Originally I had glass baubles which they fitted on but after a few 'disasters' I found plastic ones which came apart so some of them have dangles in the middle too.  These are over twenty five years old.  Where does the time go?


Jane McLellan said...

They're lovely, a shame they won't grace a tree again!

Maureen said...

Twenty five years ago is another lifetime! - sometimes it's tempting to go for minimalist decorations. I have just about got to the point now where decorating the tree has become a chore - but I still do it, year after year, for the grandchildren!
I agree with Jane, the baubles are so pretty and still in such good condition that it seems a shame to keep them packed up.

Phyllis said...

Maybe a little glue and glitter would revive them. Perhaps family or Tat Days silent auction could revive them. They are to pretty not to be on a tree.

N. Maria said...

Ah, Jane...they would certainly grace my tree! They are beautiful!

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