2 June 2010

Alive, alive oh!!!!

Who?  What?  Where?  

Ah, brain cell number 3 is alive and well.  Ah, but is he?  OR is it just a rumour?

He's asked me to ask you for opinions!!!!  Between us we've come up with a new wee bag.  This little beauty (well, that's his opinion!!!) measures just 5 1/2" high.  The zip is a 6" zip.  The bag is fully lined (with my name tag in - is that a selling point or an off-putting point?).

Now, we have two problems!!!!  What DO we call it?  I've called it (while it was being made) the 'square bottomed bag' as it sits nicely on it's dainty wee bum!!!!!  We could do with a name for it, though.  Any ideas?

The design came about after talking to a friend who makes bags too.  She told me how to make one out of a square but with the zip going the 'opposite way' to normal.  This appealed to me so I came home and thought I'd made what she described BUT I added a 'SQUARE BUM'!!!!!!  Turns out I was wrong!!  Still, it works for me!!!

Here are some pictures.  If there's any interest I'll make a few for my Etsy store.  I've currently got the sewing machine out as I've got a request for a roly poly bag and poke proof pouch set.  So, while I'm 'in the mood' (and after I've weeded the garden which has produced a lot of weeds - due to torrential rain!) I could make a few of these too.

All comments welcome - as usual!!!!


TypsTatting said...

Just love the bag especially the one made out of the Teabag Fabric, and I dont think your name tag is an off putting point. As for a name I'll have to put on my thinking cap, if I can find it! L.O.L.

Riet the B-engel from Holland said...

Hi Jane,
Why not call it:
"Original Jane Bag" or
"Brain cell 3 Bag"
about the name tag my names tell you, the name tags is a must

Sharren Morgan said...

Why not 'the T (for Tatting) Bag'? If the loop were moved to the top, it would look very much like a teabag!

John said...

I believe the tag is a must!! Recently I've been trying to figure out how to include my name in a few projects. You answered my questions of 'should I?'. I deeply appreciate some kind of signature from the author!
Happy day!

Maureen said...

I think this bag will be a very good addition to your range of tatting bags! (but you know which kind I want, don't you.......)

Steph's (tat) Stuff said...

Now that is one nifty bag! Back in the 70's the rock band Queen had a song named 'Fat Bottomed Girls', so as a play on that why not call the bags 'Fat Bottomed Bags'? Corny, I know, but the song is playing on the radio as I write this.

erin said...

Hi, Janey-loo!

You could combine the words "box" and "bag" and move the loop as Sharren suggested -- call it a "tee-bog" or a "tee-bax". Heh.

Stephanie Grace said...

What about the "Stand Alone" bag... Something with Stand in it since it... stands. :-D

Well, now that I've finally worked up the nerve to leave a comment on your blog, I'm also wondering if you're seeing the picture by my comment... Look anywhere near familiar? LOL. I'm new to tatting but I had to give your button flower a try! I just couldn't resist... (There are more pictures of my attempt on my blog). I'm gettin' there and I must THANK YOU for sharing this pattern --and so many others that are helping me on my journey into the tatting world. THANK YOU!

-Stephanie Grace

wickedtats said...

the tea bag fabric is cool. How big are they?

Woollady said...

Well now Jane, To me it looks like a 'funnel' bag-- sort of wider at top and narrower at the bottom..... Welllll- it does!
Liz in WV

Suz said...

Hi Jane,
Now don't laugh cause I am old too! So how about the "old git's up and go bag"? I like the square bottom too! Could be the "the git's sit bag". Being part of the baby boomers the are a lot of old gits that get up and go! Have a great day!

Wendy said...

What's wrong with the 'Square Bum Bag' ? lol

TAT19540 said...

Wow! You've done it again Jane! How about 'square bottom bag'. Tag is a must. They are look great, but the flowered print one 'stands' out the most.

Sally Kerson said...

The "bag lady" strikes again!!! This is another must have tat bag. Go for it gal!

tatting-marie said...

I think you sould consider the "Y - Square Bottom Bag". Great ides that it stands up on it's own. Looks like it will hold lots of tatting supplies along with a larger tatting project. Love the first material pattern, too. Your #3 brain cell is certainly working "overtime" these days. Keep the ideas coming, as I enjoy each and every one.

connie said...

I'm guessing the bag your etsy friend showed you was called a humbug bag after the candy.
So maybe this is a humbag.
Love them.

JB said...

I love this new bag design.

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