31 May 2010

A birthday card

I don't like doing cards!!!  Sorry, you know that already!!!  

This is one that I did last week for a family member who has two moggies!!!  Of course it's Martha Ess's little pattern and again you know I'm addicted to her work.

The 50 was done with one of Yarnplayer's colours - nectarine.  

The cats are done in tigereye again by the same dyer!!!  Both the 50 and the moggies are in a size 80.


Bonnie said...

You may not like making cards, Jane, but you sure do a nice job.

Fox said...

Lovely! You may not have enjoyed creating it, but the recipient will sure appreciate your efforts!
Fox : )

Suz said...

Jane....the card is great! I think someone who receives the card could make earrings or a pendant out of the moggies!

Ridgetatter said...

SO, now I know what you've been up to; I also liked the Tiger Eye thread...Yarnplayer does such a good job with her threads and they work of very nice; especially in your hands...xxx P

Maureen said...

I think the card is beautiful - and so are the threads, you are falling well down the HDT slope, aren't you!

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Happy Beaks
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