29 May 2010

Of course this HAD to happen!!!!

Well an old git like me can't go out down the town half dressed in 'just earrings' so I HAD to make a matching bracelet, didn't I?  After all anybody who knows me would've thought I was bonkers going out 'there' into the big wide world of our small market town half naked!!!

These are SO easy and fast to make. - I LOVE this thread too (Mountain Breeze).  It's one of the Lizbeth that Sue Anna sent me in this package and I've fallen in love with the colourway.  

This one and a lovely pinkish/blueish one called Tropical Punch that was also amongst the 'wind offs' shown here.


Typstatting said...

Glad to hear that you didn't go out half naked or we would have heard about it on the news!!!! Love the bracelett it will definately go with the earings!!!!

Bonnie said...

I LOVE IT! I want one!

TAT19540 said...

Your never fully dressed without your tating! The jewerly is lovely and am happy you like the thread! Color looks good on you Jane. lol

Fox said...

It IS a very pretty colourway!

You certainly are adapting very nicely to using the variegated threads!

It must be a filthy rumour that we of a certain age cannot be taught new tricks!

Love the bracelet!
Aged Fox : )

Suz said...

You did a beautiful job! Now don't forget to make you a necklace and ring to complete the total ensemble!
Suz (-:%

Miranda said...

Pretty! Now you just need to make a larger version as a pendant, so you can truly be fully dressed. I would hate to hear that you were jailed for appearing in public partially clothed, especially as they would probably take your shuttles away.

Sally Kerson said...

Its a wonder you are allowed to go into town by yourself at your age!!!
Love the bracelet and thread, Sue Anna is so generous.

Lia said...

Very , very nice.

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