28 May 2010

The travelling book!

Do you remember Fox's kind offer to share the Angelina Critchlow book?  Here's the link.

Well it arrived with me on Wednesday.  Now, on a Wednesday I teach in the local library all morning and this last Wednesday another volunteer and I were setting up new classes at the new home for the elderly (I actually qualify to live there!!) in the afternoon.  

So I speeded out of the library, home to grab lunch and then speedily out again.  BUT the book had arrived so I HAD to open it.  Well, I'll admit it - that's all I did.  I had a quick glance at it and then put the book and the jiffy bag it arrived in in the usual 'filing place' on the stairs.

I zipped off a fast email to Tatskool to say it had arrived and that was that!!!  

Thursday morning came and went with the usual 'dashing around' sorting other things out (plus grocery shopping) and again, home for lunch.  I checked my messages before leaving again to help a friend with her laptop and there was a message from Tatskool.  

It simply said 'Hope you found the little package in with the book and didn't throw it away!!'

YIKES!!!  I dashed to the book and package (still patiently waiting on the stairs) and lo and behold look what was inside?!?!?!?  I was gobsmacked.  Thank you SO much, Tatskool.  You wait til you see what I'm going to do with it!!!!


Tatskool said...

Yikes! you had me worried!! After the initial relief that book had arrived I finally had a vision that brain cell no 3 was in stress mode and had simply let you take the book out and ditch the padded bag!!!
I will be waiting to see what you make!

Maureen said...

what a wonderful gift! - I think everyone will be looking forward to seeing what you are going to make with the threads. I was lucky enough to have been able to buy a copy of the book for myself a couple of years ago - it doesn't live with all my other tatting books, it has a special place in the glass-fronted bookcase with all the other good bindings!

'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

oh how awesome!!! Love those colors too! What a beautiful surprise!!!

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