25 May 2010

Big Bug Hugs!

Look what arrived in the post.  A hug!!!  I'll show you if you hang on a minute!!!

First, though, let me tell you the story behind the hug!!!  When I go to Palmetto Tat Days Joanie very kindly puts up with me.  I know that should be 'puts me up' but believe me it really should be 'puts up with me' in my case.  

Throughout the years Joanie (known amongst a few of us who think she's totally smashing as 'Dear Joanie') and I have talked via email on endless occasions.  We chat about all the usual things like the weather (well, I AM English!!!!), family and (of course!) tatting!!!  Last year the theme for Tat Days was 'I've been bitten by the Tatting Bug' and I noticed, after a while, that Joanie had started putting BBH at the end of her emails.  

Well I wracked the aged brain but couldn't work it out so in the end I asked her what BBH stood for.  She said 'Big Bug Hugs'!!!  

So this is what we send each other BBH or (this year) it's BLH (Big Leaf Hugs - cause that's this year's theme!).  

Anyway, you know the story of the leaves (which I told you yesterday) - well imagine my surprise when a snail letter arrived yesterday from DJ (in case you've forgotten - that's Dear Joanie).  Inside were hugs.  Tatted hugs!!!  

The ugly old face there is mine which she'd 'stolen' off the internet and there's a hug round my neck and another one which I can take with me wherever I go.  Isn't that SO clever and SO thoughtful?

Incidentally as coincidences happen - the leaves arrived with DJ yesterday too?  Do you think we're psychic or is it just our tatting or postal services that are?!?!?


  1. So who's a lucky girl that is one cute Big Leaf Hug. Nip over to my blog there is a surprise!!!!!

  2. What a lovely gesture! On a bigger scale, I'm thinking that making a shawl for someone is like giving them a hug everytime they wrap up in it. Hmmm...might have to put that in a gift card. :-)

  3. With a BBH to you too! Love the new acronym. May I steal it?

    BBH and TH,


  4. Thanks SO much TypsTatting - whoopppeeeee.
    Lovely gesture I agree, Gina. Good idea of yours too.
    LibraryLady of course you can. The more acronyms the better!!!

  5. Wow, what a wonderful gift! Thank you for explaining the acronyms. I would not have been able to "noodle through" BBH either. And now we know what BLH means!

    Will you be attending Palmetto Tat Days this year?

  6. No, Isdihara, afraid I need to save up my pennies for a (fingers crossed!) visit next year. Got to annoy you Americans whenever I can!!!!!

  7. Its just lovely Jane....your one fortunate lady
    Joy in OZ


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