25 May 2010

Big Bug Hugs!

Look what arrived in the post.  A hug!!!  I'll show you if you hang on a minute!!!

First, though, let me tell you the story behind the hug!!!  When I go to Palmetto Tat Days Joanie very kindly puts up with me.  I know that should be 'puts me up' but believe me it really should be 'puts up with me' in my case.  

Throughout the years Joanie (known amongst a few of us who think she's totally smashing as 'Dear Joanie') and I have talked via email on endless occasions.  We chat about all the usual things like the weather (well, I AM English!!!!), family and (of course!) tatting!!!  Last year the theme for Tat Days was 'I've been bitten by the Tatting Bug' and I noticed, after a while, that Joanie had started putting BBH at the end of her emails.  

Well I wracked the aged brain but couldn't work it out so in the end I asked her what BBH stood for.  She said 'Big Bug Hugs'!!!  

So this is what we send each other BBH or (this year) it's BLH (Big Leaf Hugs - cause that's this year's theme!).  

Anyway, you know the story of the leaves (which I told you yesterday) - well imagine my surprise when a snail letter arrived yesterday from DJ (in case you've forgotten - that's Dear Joanie).  Inside were hugs.  Tatted hugs!!!  

The ugly old face there is mine which she'd 'stolen' off the internet and there's a hug round my neck and another one which I can take with me wherever I go.  Isn't that SO clever and SO thoughtful?

Incidentally as coincidences happen - the leaves arrived with DJ yesterday too?  Do you think we're psychic or is it just our tatting or postal services that are?!?!?


Typstatting said...

So who's a lucky girl that is one cute Big Leaf Hug. Nip over to my blog there is a surprise!!!!!

Gina said...

What a lovely gesture! On a bigger scale, I'm thinking that making a shawl for someone is like giving them a hug everytime they wrap up in it. Hmmm...might have to put that in a gift card. :-)

LibraryLady said...

With a BBH to you too! Love the new acronym. May I steal it?

BBH and TH,


Jane Eborall said...

Thanks SO much TypsTatting - whoopppeeeee.
Lovely gesture I agree, Gina. Good idea of yours too.
LibraryLady of course you can. The more acronyms the better!!!

IsDihara said...

Wow, what a wonderful gift! Thank you for explaining the acronyms. I would not have been able to "noodle through" BBH either. And now we know what BLH means!

Will you be attending Palmetto Tat Days this year?

Jane Eborall said...

No, Isdihara, afraid I need to save up my pennies for a (fingers crossed!) visit next year. Got to annoy you Americans whenever I can!!!!!

Art by JoyMac said...

Its just lovely Jane....your one fortunate lady
Joy in OZ

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