27 May 2010


After somebody asking what were the uses of the mini button flower (good point, there!!!) I decided to try them out as earwigs (well, they worked as a bracelet)!!!
I searched my stash for some smaller buttons and sourced some 80 thread thinking that that would be what was needed.  Then it occurred to me (well, actually at this stage brain cell # 3 wandered in) to try one of the button flowers I'd already done for 'size'.  Guess what?  They're fine as they are - so back to the same buttons and size 20 thread!!

This Lizbeth thread is just SO pretty  - I LOVE it.  It's one that Sue Anna sent me in this package and I've fallen in love with the colourway.  .   It's one of my favourites - that and another pinky one - and it works up so prettily.

All I did to the pattern was add a split ring finding to one chain (to hang from the ear findings) and made a long beaded picot on the opposite chain.  Drop dead easy peasy!!!  Job done!!!!


Fox said...


I am thinking that the reason I am not liking the Lizbeth variegated thread I have is that I do not like most of the colourways I picked.

One has to be careful, as the colours on line are not exactly what see when you hold in your hand.
Fox the Impulsive : )

Corina said...


Tatman said...

did you intentionally choose this thread colorway of the earwigs to match the decoupaged shuttle that you received yesterday?? They go nice together!



Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Jane,

Just hoping by thanks for your comments on my blog and I am going to have a look at some of your patterns if you dont mind. I like the earings very unusual. Margaret

Typstatting said...

Love the earwigs and the colour that you used, but I thought that earwigs were a bug of sorts!!!!!!

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