24 October 2008

What a difference a friend makes

As you know I was never happy with the dangly flower but thanks to Teri Dusenbury who wrote and made a suggestion, I've now changed my mind (and changed their 'stalks')!!!

What Teri suggested was bookmark hooks. I'd been searching for egg hangers but all I ever found were ones with bases. Obviously these were no good.

The only bookmark hooks I'd ever seen had little butterflies (enamelled, I think) on the ends and that was twenty years ago. So after Teri wrote I looked around and found
this site in the UK and they had exactly the right ones.

Thanks, Teri. I'm VERY grateful. They've turned manky looking gifts into super ones.


TattingChic said...

They look fabulous, but then, I always thought they did look super!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Jane, I just about had a heart attack....This is kinda funny really...
I have come to rely on my blogroll and your blog wasn't updating since I've been back...so I thought to myself, "Is Jane on holiday too?"
So I went to your blog a different way and see all these wonderful posts that I have missed...whew what a relief.
Don't you ever go away!
It looks like you updated your layout...and that makes me wonder if that effects the blogroll. I will get to the bottom of this pronto!

Also....LOVE the danglies...good for Teri for being so clever!

tattrldy said...

Changing the stems do make them look wonderful. I've been busy looking through your patterns and finding all kinds of techniques to try. Haven't had time to make any of the patterns yet, but I've tried some of techniques. It's so much fun to learn something new! Thanks for all the wonderful eye candy. Love your work! And when brain cell #3 comes to visit, treat him well.

Gina said...

Well., I'm going backwards, from the top down to catch up, but love the adorable little "lamps". Funny thing is, I just bought those very bookmark "blanks" at the bead store here week before last! I have a different plan in mind for mine though.

:-) gina

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