16 November 2011

Lock join

Again during all the 'refurbishment' of the web site I realised that several things were 'missing' and should be either replaced or sorted out first.
One of the things I suddenly realised 'wasn't there' is a technique page for the lock join.  Actually I was working on another join before I realised that the dear old lock join wasn't there!!!

I then thought about 'categorizing' all the tips and techniques on that page too so have tried to put all the joining ones together.  I may have to sub divide this page too!!!  Where does it all end, eh?


Fox said...

Gotta love that lock-join.
Fox : ))

DawnTea said...

How about a nice video? I've read the descriptions, and looked at the illustration here, but I have NO IDEA what it's all about!

DawnTea said...

How about a video? I really don't get it! Or maybe some step-by-step photos? You know, in your free time. ;-)

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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