10 January 2007

At Last

The heart is finished. Well, perhaps one less ds on each side between R8 & R9 on the one side and R12 & R13 on the other side but that's just about all that needs sorting. What a struggle this heart was. I've decided NOT to tat it onto the ring as I go because it would spoil the lovely clear line that the beads on the core thread of the chains make. I shall tie it in later with invisible thread and this will even out the 'lopsided' look to the two chains at the top. I haven't blocked and pressed it yet!! I just love the invisible thread that I bought from Walmart. I may even try to tat something with it - with beads on. Ah, earrings. There's an idea. Hmmmmmm. Next is a dolphin in a ring for a friend who's asked for one - I shall add beads to show water glistening off it's skin. I may do two and pop one up on ebay. That will be easy tatting today, I guess. Then the next project? Hmmm, a few patterns to tidy up and then a major one that I've been thinking about for six months.


Barbara said...

Congratulations! The heart looks great and with all the beads even lovelier. It looks like a picotless heart :)

Dolphin in a ring? That should be interesting :)

pamela said...

As always you have done it again, it looks as if it was always intended to be that way.
The smooth outline with the beads is a winner and it's more striking in just one colour.

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Happy Beaks
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