6 December 2021

Monday moan

I've been robbed AGAIN.
It happens every year just before Christmas.

My daughter, husband and one of the kids came over on Saturday as it had been Abbi's birthday a few days before.  I should know better but I said to my SIL that he could choose a dangle for his Christmas tree and one for his mum too.  When I looked in the box after he'd gone it was a lot emptier than I expected!!!

Now I'll tell you a secret.  I LOVE that he likes the dangles so much that he takes more than one.  In fact if I set off early enough next year I'm going to make him lots and lots.  So since Saturday I've been making more dangles so I've got enough for my Tuesday and Friday groups to choose one each.  

My own kids were brought up with tatting being done all the time so I think they're burnt out with looking at it!!!!  

Thank you, SIL for making me so happy.


Jane McLellan said...

That's the best sort of 'moan'!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Haha! That's how I feel when my daughter Joanne comes to visit. She and her kids love going through my Ice Drops and choosing some for home. I think she has over 300!

Pigmini said...

Tell him from us that he's cheeky!! Tell him it'll cost him next year.... maybe replacement yarn??? LOL

God's Kid said...

Great Christmas dangles!! :)

Anonymous said...

What a great compliment for your designs and your tatting! Next year, just make many more than you need so you can offer him all he wants. It's a great feeling when someone loves what you do enough to 'overindulge' - whether it's second (or third) helpings of something you baked or taking a whole handful of something you tatted instead of just one or two. Kind of a nice 'moan' today. :)

Bernice said...

Wonderful that he is a robber!

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