24 April 2010

I now have a '3 piece'!!!

This is the final piece using the tiger eye beads that Ridgewoman so kindly gave me. 

I think I'll have to wear the whole set when I get an invitation from the Queen to pop round for a cup of tea!! 

Seriously I'm as likely to get an invitation to one of her garden parties as a flight to the moon!!!!  

Here are links to the necklace and earrings


Anonymous said...

lovely, i love the beads.

geraldine said...

love to see them all together on your new gadget thingie. and you are good enough for the queen ,don't put yourself down we all love you and brain #3.

Ridgewoman said...

OH My, You Should get to have tea with the Queen. She had a birthday, I heard.
I'm so glad I shared with you because I just knew you would do something wonderful with those matched tiger eyes. I looked at a lot of strings of those tiger eyes (at least 50, and was so happy to find a string so evenly matched. Someone did a very good job polishing the stones, too.
Now you are stuck with me for a long time…at least my spirit. xxxxx P

Bonnie said...


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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.