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23 April 2010

More lost and found!!!

For days now I've been panicking about these beads!!!  Ridgewoman sent them for Sally in her last package to me and I put them 'safely' away until Sally came up to town!!

I'm currently working with the last two tiger eyes that I was given (by ridgewoman) and last night I had the most dreadful feeling that I'd used Sally's.  So this morning began another frantic search.

Guess where they were?  On the stand in the hall - where I put things when I've got to give them to somebody or take to the post. 

BOY did I feel stupid.  

OK, who was that who said 'well you are stupid, Jane'?  Stand up and be counted!!


TAT19540 said...

First, I would NEVER call you 'stupid'. Second the 'tiger's eyes' are gorgeous. And third, you are in the 'too much on your plate' zone. You do what we all do when too much is going on we become forgetful!lol. But hey, you found them! So hi-five there!

geraldine said...

I also have what i call "senior moments"we get there in the end. love the tigers eye.

StringyDogs said...

Here in the States, we call that an attack of "Sometimers". It is known to be a global problem!

Ridgewoman said...

LOL it is global. I'm known to do that ~ DH does it (a lot) For instance, I have a Mexican Serape that was bought for "Fergal" (yes, it's a really small serape); and, I'm currently searching high and low for its where 'bouts. I know I put it in a safe place! Well. I have a week to find it before he and Scarlett fly off into the blue skies of New Mexico….sigh

Hope Sally likes the "do it yourself" ear bobs. LOL

xxx P

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