21 April 2010

Found them

Why is it that when I put things away tidily I can never find them again!!!

Remember the shop I was telling you about that's closing down in the town?  Well these are some small dangly brass hearts I 'rescued'!!!!  I found them in my tshirt drawer - no, don't ask cause I've no idea why I put them there!!!

Not quite sure where the other two are which had 'stands' but I'm sure they'll turn up.  All I need now is a suitable heart to put in these.  

Darn - will I start a new one or find one that fits!!!!  

That's the million dollar question.  OR million pounds question - not sure which!!!!


TAT19540 said...

Nice hearts-how big are they?If not too big Heather had a heart pattern that she designed for her friend Tracy called 'Tracy's heart' that might work. You put things away like I do(snicker, snicker). It's like Christmas everytime I find something I 'picked up'!

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Oohhh, Nice hearts. Can't wait to see what you make with them.

I do the same thing Jane. I put something away and then can't remember where I put them. Then after searching and finding the item wonder why the heck I put it there to begin with. LOL! When the kids were little I'd hide their christmas presents so I could wrap them later and sometimes I didn't find the item until the following year. I hid them so good that even I couldn't find them. LOL!!

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

Hiya Janey, O Janey, If you put a tatted heart inside one of these hearts...can I have the chance to buy one from you? Just curious. I love the idea of a heart inside a heart.

Ridgewoman said...

Very neat hearts. I have a small heart pattern that would fit….especially if you used really fine thread. But then, that's true of a lot of patterns. Martha Ess heart book has small as well as large hearts in it ~ oh shoot, you'll have no trouble; YOU can just design one or use one you have designed. and here I did all this thinkin'
xxxx p

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