29 April 2010

Now for another earring phase!!!

First of all thanks for all the comments on the 1000 post.  Just one person didn't leave their email address - Corina if you're reading this could you let me have it, please?  In answer to tattingmarie's question - the first post was on 8th May 2006.

I need to do a few 'quickies' for a 'do' that I'm demonstrating at in June.  I've been told I can sell items too but from past and bitter experience I do know that this doesn't mean anything will sell!!!!!

Here are two pairs of earwigs!!!  I do like this pattern as it's very adaptable and easy to make!!!  Mind, not sure if it's new and not sure if anybody would want it!!!  


Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Nice Jane!! Simply elegant! I'd love to make these!!

I think you should have no problem in selling these.

Wow, 1000 posts....That's amazing!!

Dale Marie said...

These are lovely Jane:-)

Tatman said...

um....nobody would want your pattern for these??? HAH. You don't know your fans. I am sure those that wear earwigs(yours truly excluded) would want the pattern. I think it is ingenious how you work the SR and beads and outer string of beads. The pink pair is the one I like most. Nice design!

{{{{}}}}} SOJ

Corina said...

I love that earrings!

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Happy Beaks
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