28 April 2010

1,000 today!!!

No, no, no, NOT my age!!!  It's my 1,000 blog post today!!!

I'm going to do my first giveaway BUT you're not going to see what it is until the end!!!!  It's a 'blind' giveaway. So, get out the guide dogs and the white sticks and make a comment - or not!!!!   

No need to add buttons or anything to your blog, no need to tell anybody, no need to even comment on the blog either!!!!  You could just email me.  Just let me know your name and your email address.  Simple - just like me!!!!  I won't publish comments either as then you'll not even know how many are taking part - part of the 'blind' bit!!!!

Comments will be taken up until 8.45am British Summer Time on Sunday 2nd May and the winner will be announced the next day.  

All I'll tell you is that it'll be PINK!!!  Pink in all it's parts!!!!

I'll use a random selector thingy to choose the winner and will keep everything on a spread sheet until the giveaway is over.  

When I announce the winner I'll show you what he or she has won. 



Sally Kerson said...

Please publish this one as I'm not taking part in the "blind giveaway" cos it would not be fair!!! CONGRATULATIONS

Ridgewoman said...

I'M NOT participating either ~ we trade back and forth all the time ~ so just another 'sis' LOL
But what a clever way to have your blog give away. I wish I'd thought of it, no fuss, no muss….just like you!

We love our "tatting Maven"

xxxx P

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your thousandth blog post.

Marty said...

Hooray! I love giveaways. My email address is marty1066@yahoo.com and I want to enter. :)

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