17 December 2010

Heart and butterfly

Once I get a bee in my bonnet I can't get rid of it!!  Anybody got a shotgun?!?!?  Can't stand that buzzzzzzing!

Seriously I'm delighted with the interest shown in this magnet idea as I know it works so well.  It's the first time I've ever had a bookmark that really does it's job - even when I drop the book!!!

So yesterday I got settled in tat corner really early and managed to finish off an orange butterfly that I started on Wednesday, before making the heart (also below).  The heart pattern is one of my own which I 'doctored'!!!!  This morning I saw a comment on yesterday's blog from Ridgewoman which made me smile as I seem to have got to be one jump ahead of her!!!  Here's her comment!

"You LOVE making these; so why not each holiday, have a theme? Heart for Feb. Leprechaun or clover for St. Patrick's, firecracker or shooting star for July 4 (here across the pond) and so forth…How bout Initials? Then, they'd really be personalized."

Also when I woke up this morning I wondered what a penguin bookmark would look like!!  Anybody think that's a good idea or has brain cell 3 'lost the plot'?


Typstatting said...

Oooooh I think a penguin bookmark would work quite well, and it would be so cute! I cant ever imagine brain cell *3 loosing any plot. LOL!!!!!!!

Margarets designer cards said...

No you have not yet lost the plot, I think her ideas are brillant, of course if you are going to put initals in them, then you are going to have to make a lot from A toZ for your shop. but you have hit on a brilliant idea, so why not let it run. As I was born on the 4th july and english I might add why not do the colours of the American flag. I think you are going to be busy for many months to come. Margaret

Anonymous said...

I love Penguins!!! They're my favorite!!

Does that answer your question?

Ridgewoman had a good idea, and I'm so glad to see you were 1 step ahead of the game

Looks like Brain Cell #3 is working wonderfully

Sally Kerson said...

The heart looks great, gosh so many ideas for these bookmarks.
Margaret you have the same birthday as me!
Must make that penguin of yours - so many patterns that I have never got around to yet.

Ridgewoman said...

Well since we had a major blizzard up north, I'm all for Penguins…they have such 'happy feet'….and your penguins are the best. And since I like to 'monkey' around I'll just keep 'badgering' you to make more and more critter bookmarks. ho ho ho I'm so 'punny'….
I think my ONE brain cell is going….and I haven't a third, as you do! :>) xxxx P

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