13 December 2010


Not a real emergency but just a post to let people know that I'll be listing more shuttles in the Etsy shop tomorrow morning - hopefully just after my regular blog post!!!  There will be a few pop a bobbins with hooks and lots without.  Post shuttles of various sizes too!!!  Large, medium and ornery!!!

The reason for this last minute warning is because some may just reach their destinations before Christmas!!!

I do wish you all lived close by where I live then you could ALL come round for a cuppa tea and see the new shuttles in 'real life'.  I haven't got a scan or photo of them yet myself (although they are here in a box by my side) so you'll have to have a look at them on Sally's blog here. 

I'm hoping to get them listed by the middle of the week so keep your fingers crossed - I'll give you a 24 hour 'warning' on when and the time!!!  There's a huge variety this time of small, medium and large shuttles with post and regular pop a bobbins too.  Also I noticed there are Pop a bobbins with no hooks as well.  I think 'im in the garage has had fun and excelled himself.   They're gonna take some sorting, but heck - that'll keep me quiet for a few hours!!!
Just going to show you what I get up to when I've fallen out with the TIAS!!!  I'm going to start listing these in Etsy towards the end of the week - if I've got any left.  I'm finding they're selling amongst friends and aquaintances very well.  There are only three here but I scanned them twice so you could the butterflies without having to stand on your head!!!!


Margarets designer cards said...

Jane they are gorgeous and the colours are beautiful, looking forward to seeing your shuttles

Tattingrid said...

Absolutely beautiful butterflies!! And I really do not have a clue about how you manage to get a string of beads "outside" the actual tatting. I have a lot to learn, that's for sure. They are really great!

TAT19540 said...

I for one have been looking for them in your Etsy shop! They are lovely ( I really like the blue one) and I can see why they don't make the shop and they just 'fly' right out the door to new homes! lol.
I also will be waiting patiently for new TIAS.

Elizabeth said...

It may not be in person but I visit with you every morning with my own cup of coffee.

Violeta said...

Son preciosas, me encantan las mariposas.Besos.

Karrieann said...

OOOOOoooh myyyyyy goshhhh! Do you have a Butterfly Hatchery at your place???? giggles! They're beautiful Jane!

Bri's Bits said...

I do too, wish we lived closer, I bet we could sit and tat and giggle and drink tea until our eyeballs were floating :D

Val said...

I'll be looking out for the shuttles, Jane. Hope I can get to Etsy fast enough. LOL

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