14 December 2010

More shuttles

Yesterday I put an extra 'bit' onto my blog post in the early evening.

The reason was because I wanted to let everybody know that I had spent the whole afternoon photographing, sorting and listing shuttles here.

This time 'im in the garage has excelled himself and a variety are going 'live' shortly after I've posted this piece.  

I must apologise for the short warning on these but I wanted to get them listed so that anybody in the UK and who doesn't use Royal Fail will be able to buy and receive them for Christmas.  

They MAY even get to the USA in time too but I'm not going to hold my breath on that!!!  Here are some of the newbies in the shop.


Margarets designer cards said...

They look lovely and very well made, I hope you sell them for him.

Anonymous said...

Oh so pretty!

I love that dark brown plain shuttle... something about it that really grabs my attention!

Love the etsy store, BTW.. Those cream and brown beaded butterfly earrings... is that pattern in your pattern page (you have so much and I haven't gotten through everything yet)

TJ said...

I love that plain one also and would love to buy one. Let me know your etsy store name, I would definitely buy one. Love to tat with a wood shuttle! WHOO HOO!!!

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