11 December 2010

Four more little stinkers!!

The fight with the magnets continues!!!!  Why do I do it, I ask myself?!?!

These four had me giggling as I was placing them on the platen of the scanner.  Why?  Well the little stinkers kept trying and trying to 'get together' with each other!!!

The TIAS does continue to please and frustrate me as I keep re-doing it.  I'm not happy with certain 'parts' so have to do the whole thing over and over again.  Still I guess it keeps me from getting into more mischief!!!!

I did start drawing it up as I think the 'worst bits' are towards the end.  


Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Jane, We have got me laughing thinking of you trying to keep them apart to scan them. they look brillant, Love the colours

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I can just picture them racing toward each other! It's probably the fastest a bookworm has ever moved!

Karrieann said...

*cracking up*

Are you sure that you are allowed this much fun, heh?


by the way.. those are dang adorable!

Fox said...

So cute!

ox : )

Art by JoyMac said...

Just too cute
Joy in OZ

Creative Commons Licence

Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.