6 December 2010

It occurred to me!!

I was gobsmacked that I could be so stupid as to assume that anybody drifting onto this blog would know what a TIAS was!!!!  So I'll explain.

The TAT IT AND SEE is a pattern which is released in 'bite sized' pieces every few days over the space of a few weeks.  The idea is that the tatter works it without knowing what they're making.  Well, you know it's going to be a surprise but that's all!!!

I normally add any techniques which might be new to new tatters.  I tend to assume that everybody will know how to do a ring, chain, self closing mock ring and a split ring.  Anything else is explained with diagrams.  

As the different parts are worked and (it's not compulsory!) pictures of work in progress are sent to me then I add them to the TIAS blog along with the comments - some of which are hilarious.


Margarets designer cards said...

Oh silly me I thought it was........ never mind, I am looking forward to this, when are you starting it, may I ask.

Bri's Bits said...

woot woot, I want to get in on this, sounds like a lot of fun !

Jane Eborall said...

Hopefully towards the middle of January the fun will start!!!! I'm never quite sure who enjoys it most - the participants or myself who's the only one that really knows what the piece will be!!!!

Ridgewoman said...

That is true, even her "bestest" friends are not told; even Sister Sally. I only know of ONE person who had advance knowledge; and, that was for a very good reason (the person was teaching a class in a different country and they were doing the TIA; and, Teacher had to know ~ in order to instruct). But other than that ONE time, I know you can't pry it out of Jane!
Spread the word around because the numbers of participants seem to be dwindling and Jane goes to a lot of work for this ~ in preparation (I think she's working on the 4th edit now); and, if not enough people sign on and at least try ~ she will stop providing us with something to do during the mid winter slump. So, spread the word!
Middle of January, Watch for It!!!!
xxxx P

TypsTatting said...

I cant wait for the TIAS I will most certainly be joining in!

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Happy Beaks
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