10 December 2010

I'm pleased to report!!!

I'm pleased to tell you all (not that you're interested, perhaps!!!!) but our Royal Fail is now returning to becoming Royal Mail!!!!  

On Wednesday we were 'woken up' (well we were sort of up!) by a tremendous noise of somebody trying to break in.  Well it sounded like that!  Did I ever tell you about the 'incident of the man on the roof''?  Anyway it turned out to be a postman delivering a pile of mail.  Now our normal (that was when things were normal) delivery time varies from half past eleven in the morning til four o'clock in the afternoon so this was a real surprise.

So, being a bear of little brain and a fully paid up member of the skeptics society I thought this was just a 'one off' so I didn't get too excited.  

You could've knocked me down with a feather when another postie arrived yesterday around one o'clock ish to deliver another pile of mail.  I managed to speak to him and he said things were getting back to normal - YIPPPEEEEE.  

Why am I so excited?  Well, I won a lot of beads on Ebay two days ago!!!!  I tend to shop a lot on Ebay (and sell too!) and recently have met some really fantastic people.  These I've met both as a seller (buyer collects just lately) and through the post (magnetsmagnetsmagnets) so it's really great to have our postal service in 'recovery mode' and things being delivered quickly.   The guy that I've been buying magnets from has been soooo friendly and helpful - way beyond the normal seller.  So I leave you as one very happy OG today!!!!!!


Margarets designer cards said...

Wow thats great news, and congrats on winning some beads too, hope to see what you do with them shortly. I hope the royal mail keep it up. Margaret

Karrieann said...

...so Christmas came early? Whoohooo! YAY!!!! Glad that "your" normal is back.. hopefully for a long time!!!!

Ridgewoman said...

I'm so glad the postie got all sorted (pun intended).
It really is annoying when the Silver Post Office messes up, royally and regularly.
Still tatting chicks and hens…One pot holder down..one hen to go for the other pot holder. Some how two chicks escaped and I had to tat two more because neither DH nor I, nor daughter could find them anywhere.
Was it a figment of my imagination or did I sit here and tat two night before last? Hummmm?

The 'kids' are cruising down /up the coast from Galveston to Old Mexico Hope they don't get sea sick! Especially Bekah with the bun in her overn!

xx P

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