8 December 2010

A trip down the road!

Yesterday morning I did a small Christmas Fair.  It was actually at an old people's place quite close to us (not the one where I teach Silver Surfers).  I was asked sometime ago if I'd like to have a table there to sell my work so I thought 'why not'!!!

To be honest I wasn't particularly happy there as the main tables (the residents had their 'stuff' on them) were one side of the room and I had a very small table opposite them and a fair distance away.  I felt as if I were a leper!!!  They (the residents) sat there and nattered to each other all morning but made very little attempt to speak to me and only one came across the room to see what I was selling.  Still I sat and tatted away and other friends came in from other parts of town to take part in an exercise class so that wasn't too bad.  On the residents selling table one lady was selling handmade Christmas cards but the rest of the stuff was bric a brac.  

I did sell a few things and amazingly two pairs of black very shiny and very pretty earrings.  They've been in my Etsy shop on several occasions but didn't sell.  One lady took a look at them and oooohed and aaaahed over them, snatched them up and bought them!!!  I was actually going to keep these for myself as they are so very pretty but I do have rather a lot of earwigs!!! 

The reason they haven't sold in the shop online?  I think it's a lot to do with the sparkle not showing up so well and waaaaay too many earrings to be bought online.  These are the ones I sold!!!!


Ridgewoman said...

Oh those are very pretty; but, I like my cross ear wigs ~ however, I'm terribly biased. These do look sparkly in the second photo down, Lucky buyer.
I'm sorry you had such an 'isolated' experience; THAT is why I stopped going to my church's women's group! They were on one side of the room and I, in my wheel chair, was at a little table on the other side! But they sure looked like they were having fun…but it is not much fun for the other side ~ I always took my tatting, too because I knew where I'd be! Live and Learn..wish I'd been there to sit on your side of the room. xxx P

Sally Kerson said...

In life there are always those that are in and those that appear out of a certain group and its no fun if you are on the wrong side, alone.
But you will never be out or alone in the tatting world!

Typstatting said...

I agree with with what Sally said, and your earwigs are lovely!

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Happy Beaks
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