7 December 2010

Frustration, frustration, frustration!!

Why oh why do I start these things?  I decided a few weeks ago to do the Tat It And See (TIAS) and eventually thought of the first necessity - a design.

Since then I've thought, slept, walked (I do most of my 'designing' in my head and on the hoof) and even dreamed about the 'thing'!!!

I think I'm on about version four now.  I cannot design totally on 'paper' or using a drawing package - I HAVE to tat it.  

So, after version 3 I realised that I could start it in a different place and that would enable me to 'keep the secret' even longer (I HOPE).  That's the fun of being the 'only one' who knows what it is.  For me it's all about the fun of keeping everybody guessing that makes these interim frustrations so worthwhile. 
So, instead of talking (or should that be 'typing') about it I'd better get the fingers back onto the shuttles!!!  Here's a 'sneak preview'!!!!


  1. I am really wondering what it might be, and the picture has me wondering. cant wait. take care and keep warm Margaret

  2. Ooh! A sneak preview in my favorite color!

  3. Looking forward to your TIAS Jane! I'm sure it will be fantastic, just like YOU!! HUGS!

  4. Trying, trying, trying to guess... but my lonely little braincell isn't coming up with anything yet...

    Wait! I know... it's something blue! LOL

    Actually, I would like to make a guess but not sure if you want us to yet, or not... so I'll keep the lip zipped

    LOL, want me to send you some more of that cake, to help you with the designing process *wink

  5. Hi Jane,
    I am so happy that it starts in the middle of January At that moment I hope to be ready to translate for my Dutch members who realy want to take part We can do it!!! I am living in my new apartment and all the trouble is over.
    Take care of your self and we will wait till you are ready
    Riet the B-engel

  6. Ah-ha! It's a fish. I say that with total conviction, maybe.

  7. You used blue thread! THAT alone makes me curious. But I shall not beg for hints ~ I shall be stalwart and march on! (oh pretty please with chocolate, give an old moo a bigger hint) Not I, I shall not grovel (please, oh pretty please) nor whine (wahhhhhhh). xxP

  8. This sounds like so much fun!


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