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7 June 2014

Well, you all knew it

You knew that I wasn't quite 'all there' in the brain cell capacity and now I'm going to have to admit that I know it too!!!

I was preparing the next pattern to put on the pattern pages when I went to look at the small horse again. Dozy old mooooo that I am - I'd omitted the drawing from the page!!! So, here it is with the drawing too!!! I hang the aged head in shame!!!

When making a pattern page I try like crazy to get everything onto as few pages as possible.  That may have been the reason the drawing got omitted on the small horse pattern!!!!

It REALLY ANNOYS ME when people spread a simple pattern over about five sheets of paper. I mean - WHAT a waste of ink, paper and natural resources!!!   I also moan about the size of font used and the type of font. 

One thing I learned early in my online days is that Times Roman (the usual default font used on most computers) is about the hardest one to read either in a book or online.  I always change mine to Helvetica or (my favourite) Verdana.


Jenn said...

That's my pet hate too ie. patterns being spread over too many pages unnecessarily.

Thanks Jane for keeping yours down to the minimum :).

Jon Yusoff said...

Verdana for me too. Totally agree with your point about keeping the number of pages to the minimum.

Robin Perfetti said...

I'd never thought about fonts before, I just assumed Times New Roman was the way to go because that was what I typed all my school reports in. I'll have to try out Verdana for my next pattern.

Fox said...

Hail Helvetica! : ))

Unknown said...

Funny how critical with the own work can one get after some time. As for the patterns... I, personnally, tend to make long documents, but they are long because I make the step by step (pictures) tutorial too. I make the different sections on 1 page so they can be printed separatelly... Guilty is, in my eyes, the one who is just giving the print command without reading the document first and tell the machine what to send to the printer. It is 1 page, max 2.
The pictures are anyway there to guide a bit (multivolume tatting is not easy to follow in the traditionnal way to write the pattern).
Different story when I have the beads schemes... Always optional. And for me it is Times New Roman. Default font for all computers is not TNR... it is a sans serif one (Arial, Tahoma or Calibri).
I like better the serif fonts. Personal choice, after all.

Jane Eborall said...

Second only to Verdana, Fox!!!! Heeeee, heeeeee!!!

Fox said...

Typographers hanker for Helvetica! Hurrah!

Jane S. said...

Verdana is my fave as well! Great minds think alike. :)

muskaan said...

Dear Jane, I know no such thing ("you're not being all there") ! Au contraire :-))
You are wonderfully creative & innovative & I am always amazed at how fast you tat, as well as design ! And then share it all :-))
It is nice to have all instructions/pattern in one page, but I also agree with Corina, that, if it is a lengthy tutorial/pattern, one should pick & choose what needs to be printed depending on one's level of expertise. Many a times some details can be skipped easily, yet those are crucial for a beginner.

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