14 February 2014

A fresh start!

Tomorrow will be day 15 (the penultimate part) of the TIAS. 

My runner which I showed you here is no more. 

Well I wasn't happy with the variegated thread that I used so I decided to start again with just two plain colours. So this is the first of the second start!!! I wonder whether I'll like this when I look at it again tomorrow?

If this works out this will become my 'relaxation' and 'go to' piece which I pick up when I can't be bothered to work on something new!!!


Maureen said...

The colours look crisp and fresh - I like green!

Pigmini said...

You haven't yet persuaded me to just use plain colours.... give me variegated and plain anytime!! VBG Mind you, the motif does 'lend' itself to plain colours which contrast sharply!!

Marty said...

Those are wonderful together! It looks very alive -- it will be like having a nice non-water-needing plant. :)

Fox said...

It looks great! Nice choice of colour.

Miranda said...

The green looks very fresh and happy. In this case, I agree; the two solid colors were the best choice. However, I have successfully made the smaller Fandango motif using variegated thread on the outside and a solid on the inside to highlight the sort of "x" shape you get. The trick, I think, is to use a variegated thread that doesn't change colors too wildly.

God's Kid said...

Looks very nice to me!! :)

Unknown said...

Green is my favorite color Jane! I love this!

Valerie said...

I tend to be biased towards solid colours, so this combo is better. (Doesn't drive the eyes crazy like some variegated can!)
Alternating light and dark coloured threads on the second squares might be what I'll do. Just a thought. :-D

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