17 June 2010

Another two on the block!!

Two more of Martha's dear little critters.  I fell for this one as soon as I saw the picture.

Steph got a ferret and I got this racoon.  Isn't he SO CUTE?

Next day along strolled this alligator - look at that grin!!!  Reckon he's got me in mind for his lunch!!!
Whooops, forgot the gator earlier!!!!


Sally Kerson said...

Has the alligator eaten you and disappeared then?!!!

Typstatting said...

He is sooooo cute and so adorable!!!!!!!!!! is there a squirrel asa well?

Kelly said...

Wonderful creations! If you had not told us I would have suspected they were your designs. I must look into Ms. Ess's critter patterns!

Also thank you for the advice to scan rather than photograph the tatting. I may have to go back to that. I will probably keep practicing with the camera as well though.

Unknown said...

It's very nice!!!!!!!

God's Kid said...

awwww...they are cute!!!!! :)

Stephanie said...

Love them! I'm so jealous you got the 'gator. The raccoon is adorable! Can't wait for the book to be finished so I can have my own menagerie.

Corina said...

Is the title of the book known already? Lovely critters!

battatter said...

LOVE the raccoon! I need to make one of these for my friend who was terrorized by one on her camping trip recently!

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