6 June 2013

One and a half curtains!

Here they are - just to prove I am on the second curtain!!!  I folded the completed one in half so I could get it in the picture!!!  The second one is over halfway now and I'm hoping to finish it by the end of the week.  Also (with a bit of luck) the Ferris Wheel mat may be completed too.  

Then what will I do with myself?  Who knows but something will spring to mind.  Perhaps a bit of test tatting for Martha?  I'm SOOOO excited about her new book that she's working on.  It's going to be a 'must have'.


Maureen said...

One and a half curtains.....oh dear, now I have that children's rhyme going through my head: one bean,bean-and-a-half....etc.

The answer is 5 beans, so you might have to make three and a half curtains more to rid me of this particular ear worm.

Michelle said...

I have no doubt you'll be up to something before you know it!

JB said...

Very pretty! They are working up so fast. I know for sure that you will not be idle--B3 will not allow it.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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