1 April 2011


The postie popped a package through our door t'other day and I was upstairs at the time.  Didn't give it a thought until Nick called that there was a package for me!!!  He gets loads but mine are rare!!!

I was half expecting one from Canada but he said this was from Malaysia!!!  That got me downstairs at a rare old rate of knots!!!  That's nautical knots not tatting knots!!!!

Here's what was in the package.

The bottom one is from Jon in Malasia who I was supposed to meet up with back in December when she was due to pass through my town.  Sadly 'snow stopped play' and we didn't get to meet.  I was SO disappointed.

The one just under this writing is from Zarina (also in Malaysia) who so kindly asked Jon to give this to me when we met.  Zarina has a shop here but she says she hasn't got much in the way of the variegated threads at the moment.  BUT I'm going to keep an eye on her now!!!!!  She's also got an Etsy shop and if you look here under her 'sold' section then you'll see what she does do when she's got time.

I was then 'forced' into buying some more ez bobs and have now found a SUPER supplier here in the UK.  These are as rare as hen's teeth here in the UK.  This is the link for the ez bobs that I bought.  Ez bobs are not only useful for winding HDT onto they're also great for storing thread when you want to go out and about.  I use them lots.  


Margarets designer cards said...

Beautiful threads, I wonder what you are going to make with those.
Happy tatting day

Sally Kerson said...

They are lovely threads look forward to seeing them used.
My ez bobs came today and so it is winding time!

Cindy said...

Lucky you! All are beautiful threads - I'll love seeing what you make with them.

And Happy Tatting Day! Looking for my chocolate . . .

zarina said...

Those ez bobs look like bobbins for the sewing machine. I hope you enjoy those HDTs (like candies for little girls).

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Happy Beaks
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