7 September 2017

Another 'interpretation' of the technique

Well it had to be done!!!! I had to try starting off with the technique before any tatting was done. 

That was part of the excuse - the other part was 'needing' (I lie!) another pair of earrings!!! 

The way I did this was to load the tiny beads that I needed onto the ball thread before doing anything else. I used those on the outside of the second row. Then I added the central beads to the chain thread after leaving around a yard for the shuttle - to tat with. The rest was easy as you'll know if you've had time to try the star I did last week as the threads to form the first chain were at the base of the first set (I used 3 beads for each 'spoke' 1 seed, 1 rice, 1 seed) waiting for me!!!!

One day I'll maybe write this down as a 'pattern' but it's almost too easy to be bothered once the technique has been learned.


Tim Kaylor said...

Those are really nice. You must tell us how to do them. Nina is going to get jealous.
OK. Off to Tat Days in a couple of hours. Wish you were there.

Jane Eborall said...

Wish I was going to be there too, Tim. Still I've got the Fringe to look forward to in a few weeks!!!!

Michelle said...

Oh please bother! I get the concept but it would be so nice to have/do. I love these!

God's Kid said...

Those are fabulous earrings!!! :) I love the design!!! :)

Jane Eborall said...

Michelle - please remind me when I get back from Canada in early October!!!

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