3 April 2010

An endangered species!

The title could of course refer to me.  I'm a danger to myself at times and certainly shouldn't be let loose on the world some days.

Last week I was asked by a lady (via my Etsy shop) for a butterfly.  One like the lilac one I'd recently sold. This one, in fact.

Of course I said 'yes' straight away.  Easy peasy thought I!!!  So, off I went in search of the pattern.  It just HAD to be somewhere on my computer.  I've changed computers several times over the years and have never lost a thing.  

Well, do you think I could find it?  NO WAY.  I searched my printouts too.  I searched the wayback machine.  I know it's MY pattern as I remember doing it but it was nowhere to be found.

So I had to re-write it from the scan.  Then, of course I had to re-draw it too.

That's why it's got a name.  It's called 'The Rescued Butterfly'!!!!  I've added it to the web site in the hope that it doesn't escape again.
Actually the butterfly can be worked with the outer part in another colour.  Just needs a bit of 'jiggery pokery' to do it.  Namely 1 very small split chain and the last SR worked as a ring with a VERY long picot.


Julia said...

You are amazing!!!!

Sally Kerson said...

Must try this pattern now! The bead in the centre really suits the design.
Shame you had to re-write it but well worth the effort - thank you big sis!

Valerie said...

jane, sometimes u work like a magician... esp when tatting stuff in different colours just at a snap. good that the butterfly has been "rescued".

Needledreams said...

It's very pretty! Thank goodness that you manage to rescue it from extintion! I will make several so the population grows. lol

StringyDogs said...

Yes! Ditto to all the above comments! It is magnificent & you are an artist and wonderful to share your talent and patterns. Thank you.

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Happy Beaks
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