29 March 2010

Am I spoilt or am I SPOILT?

I had another package on Thursday from Sue Anna which I'll show you tomorrow. 

Today I want to show you a package that Ridgewoman sent me which arrived on Friday.

Now this lass has spoilt me rotten in the past and she's been telling me about this package for weeks.  Then after all the teasing there was a hiccup with it even leaving the Post Office where her DH mailed it!!!!  I've been nearly 'wetting my knickers' waiting for it to arrive.   Well, it did on Friday.  WOWWEEEEEE.  Can you believe what was in it?  

Beads, beads and more beads.  PURPLE delicas which I've never owned before.  Did you know that it's difficult to make purple beads cause the colour fades?  I learnt that when I was 'kidnapped in Cincinnati'.

I'll show you some pictures in a minute BUT you must see the pen hook that was in the packet.  NOT just ANY pen hook.  This one was commissioned by BJ and has on it a NORMAN.  Can you see it?  Made by Lady Shuttlmaker too.

Oh, there was thread in there too!!!  HDT.  WOWEEEEE.  Now all I need is time and more time to play!!!

This last wee package has some tiger eye beads in for my sister.  Isn't that super?  There were some more for me too.  I will make a bracelet or a pair of earwigs out of mine.  Probably both!!!


Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

How amazing are tatters? I think they are awesome!! What wonderful treasures Ridgewoman sent you! Have fun playing with the beads and HDT. I just luv you hook pen!! I wonder how Sherry put the rooster on the pen? Is it actual tatting or painting done on the pen? It is fantastic!!

Fox said...

That wonderful woman is amazing and so generous! Just look at those treasures! You are going to have such fun.

I didn't know that about purple beads! Does it apply when they are when they are exposed to light or in a box? How does it work?
Fox : )

Gina said...

Wow! Did I miss a birthday notice or Jane-Appreciation-Day or what? You might not win in the giveaways but I think you're a winner anyway!

Sally Kerson said...

What an amazing about of goodies, a sheer delight and also something for me ohhhhhhhhh, look forward to picking them up when I'm next your way.

Jane Eborall said...

Carol - it looks as though Sherry may have put the Norman on as a transfer which is amazing in itself. Goodness knows how, though. It's SO cute.
Fox - not sure about the purple beads but I'm pretty sure it is when the light gets to them. One of my bracelets has faded a jot.
Gina - I'm the luckiest winner in the world. I'm wondering if it's a huge 'plot' to keep me quiet!!!!!

sarah louise said...

i'm so happy for you, jane! you no doubt will put all these little goodies to wonderful use! thanks for showing us!! (o:

Ridgewoman said...

LOL I love it! This can be thought of as a TEASE for my give-away; when, I post the winner of my 100 th blog post after April 1st.
I'm going to be gone to Tucson (DH has to see specialist about his hip) and want to be able to give it enough attention to be a real prize!

My greatest joy in life is sharing with those I love and giving them a minute of fun and pleasure. Jane is right up at the top of that list. I didn't know that about purple beads either..:>( but good to know.

XXXX P aka Ridgewoman/Ridgetatter/BJ (take your pick)
just laughing my head off on the Ridge.

BTW SHERRY (Ladyshuttlemaker) can put almost ANY design on the custom ordered hook pens I thought it'd be fun for Jane to have one to commemorate TIAS 2010. Mine has a quote from Picasso, "Everything you can imagine is real!"

Typstatting said...

You Lucky girl what amazing gifts, love the hook pen and the thread!!!

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